Who Are Jonquil & Mr Black?

Jonquil is form and Mr Black is function. Together, they are Jordan Christianson.

Jonquil & Mr Black was born of his personal principles and aesthetic: “Classic, yet innovative; making the mundane memorable.”

A Northwest native and active member of it’s unique arts and design community, Jordan’s work has been featured in galleries, on stages, screen, and print. He was Reader’s Choice for Seattle Magazine’s Seamless in Seattle design competition and is Featured Designer for Seattle’s newest high-end hotel, Motif. (see Designer Profile video here.)

In past lives, he’s been costume designer for theatre, a graphic designer, a doll-maker, furniture builder, classical musician, columnist, editorial and personal stylist, sculptor, mural painter, photographer, volunteer, organizer, and general dandy man-about-town.

What They Say

“His effortless ability to brainstorm creative and inspiring ideas in the spirit of play come to solid, unique, and engaging design as a result.” – K. Wendt

“These designs carry us backward, capturing something romantic and faraway: an image of a man—not a real man, but an old-timey drawing of one—spry and handsome, strolling through slanted gold light, and whistling some twirling song.” – M. Jonjak

Of Note